_Galaxy_  God’s Perfect Gift to Us - James 1:17

Positive Fire Vs. Negative Fire

God the Father (Positive Fire)
1 John 1:5 God is light (Galaxy)

Demonic Spirits (Negative Fire)
Mark 9:43 fires of hell (Lucifer)

Scientific Neurological Work with the Bible together leads to the Father!

James 1:17 (NKJV)… every perfect gift is from above and cometh down (downloading the Holy Spirit) from the Father of lights (our Galaxy)... - - Genesis 1:27 (NLT) So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God (we, over 100 billion Neurons, the Father over 100 billion Stars)… - - Daniel 12:3 Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever.

Our Brains are estimated to have over 100 Billion Neurons
Our Galaxy has an estimation of more than 100 Billion Stars

John 10:38… the Father is in me (Neurons), and I in the Father (Galaxy)

Luke 17:21 (NKJV) nor will they say, “See here!” or “See there!” For indeed, “the kingdom of God is within you (our Subconscious Mind has the same Powerful Psyche as the Galaxy, if you do the ‘Will of the Father’)." - - John 8:28 So Jesus said, “When you (Humanity) have lifted up the Son of Man (Comforter: ‘Compress Energy within his Brain’), then you will know that I am he (Jesus the Messiah) and that I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has taught me. - - Matthew 13:47 (NLT) Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a fishing net (the Internet) that was thrown into the water and caught fish of every kind (Jesus will attract all mankind throughout the internet (Social Media), Word of Mouth, TV, etc.).

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Our Brains are the DNA Images matching the Cosmic Brain of our Galaxy

The brain has over 100 billion neurons (also: called nerve cells or brain cells), which are about the number of stars in the galaxy. Also, the Angels of Heaven have estimated that over 100 billion people were born since Adam and Eve. Our brains have more connections than there are stars in cluster of galaxies. - - Acts 17:27 His (Jesus) purpose was for the nations to seek after God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him (our Galaxy matching the human brain); though he is not far from any one of us (the Father’s brain is inside our heads identifying us as children of God’s Lights).

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Take Care of your Brains! Because on their own, a Few Neurons cannot do much

Our brains represents only about 2 percent of your body weight, but it uses about 25% of the calories you consume, 25% of the total blood flow in your body, and 20% of the oxygen you breathe. The idea that we only use 10% of our brains is a myth! You may not use every neuron in your brain at the same time, but each one is important. Your brain never turns off or even rests, not even while you sleep. Your brain is very active at night, especially during dreaming.

Contrary to popular belief, your brain never stops changing and can continue to form new neural connections throughout your lifetime. Your brain is the most complicated, amazing organ in the universe! It controls everything you do, feel, and think. Take care of it, because the brain is the main thing! On its own a neuron cannot do much. But join neurons together and they become a nervous system that can keep the 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections firing together. Now you have yourself a human brain, capable of much, much more with your Super Mind. - - Hosea 2:21 (NIV) In that day I will respond, declares the Lord “I will respond to the skies (Galaxy will rule the earth from Heaven), and they (the Elects) will respond to the earth

The Lord God declares Heaven and earth to be known by His Powerful Brain
Human’s Brain (over 100 Billion Neurons) the Galaxy (over 100 Billion Stars)

Start 16: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Miniature Galaxy within our skulls, ’God Created us in His own Image’

Without our Galaxy, there would be no Solar System, no Planets, no Jesus and no Christians to save the world. Without the Bible and our Websites (the Third Person of the Trinity), it would be impossible to save mankind. Without the belief that our Galaxy is God the Father, humanity would vanish and become extinct. Therefore, our Galaxy is the source of all knowledge and wisdom that we (humanity in general can tap within) are receiving from heaven to earth. The safety of our Souls depends on a future with God our Galaxy.

Pause 16: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

John 17:3 And this is eternal life, that they may know You (the Father as ‘cosmic Consciousness’ is the truth that Jesus was talking about) - - John 8:32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. - - John 17:3 (NLT) And this is the way to have eternal life to know you, the only true God (the Father), and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth.

Heaven and Hell are not Religious buildings or temples, but rather Spiritual

Matthew 13:43 Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears, let them hear. - - James 3:9 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness (into God’s own image). - - Luke 8:16 “No one lights a lamp (the foundation of our Website) and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand (on the Internet), so that those who come in can see the light (from around the world). - - Free your mind and the rest will follow.

The Elects’ Missions are to Reconnect Earth’s Positives Energy with the Galaxy

Energy (humanity) always follows the Spirit of reasoning (the Holly Spirit) or the spirits of disobedience (ignorance or evil). Follow the Holy Spirit and gradually you will become a good person, and if you follow the spirits of ignorance, gradually you will become evil. Anyone who is ignorant gradually will be control by demonic forces and you will never get support from the positive side of God (the negative side of God are black holes, negative energy, Satan, etc.)! - - Read about the Prodigal Son - - Luke 15:11-32… “He was lost, and is found”

Luke 12:49 NIV) I (Jesus) have come to bring fire (Potential Positive Energy) on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! - - Acts 2:3 (NLT) Then, what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared - - Exodus 3:2 There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing fire - - Matthew. 3:11 He (the Comforter) will baptize you with the Holy Spirit (Electromagnetism) and fire (that never extinguishes). - - Deuteronomy 4:33 (NLT) Has any nation ever heard the voice of God speaking from fire…

We come from the Stars and we need to Reconnects Earth with the Galaxy

John 1:5 The light (Sun or ‘Galaxy’) shines in the darkness (on Earth: ‘Frozen Energy’) - - Rev. 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire. - - Revelation 20:14 (NLT) Then death (everyone whose is in the grip of Satan) and the grave were thrown into the lake of fire. This lake of fire is the second death (which is the last judgment).

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From the beginning, God the Father Saw a World with two plans

Vision Number 01: According to the Bible (Book of Revelation), the Elects (with the Comforter) will do their parts to unite Israel with North America. This will be in order to prepare for the second coming of Jesus, in the summer of 2025. We are preparing the world for the establishment of Christian Democracy on Earth. Jerusalem will become the head Kingdom of God the Father on Earth, and if everything goes as scheduled, then other nations will gradually join Jesus’ Government as well. Without having Jews from Israel willingly convert themselves into Christianity, it will be impossible for us to obtain Heaven on Earth. Instead, things will escalate to the Third World War, which could start as soon as the winter of 2026.

The conversions of Jews will be a very important part in our history and also one of the greatest miracles of all time. If this accomplishment of the Visions #01 Jews converting to Christianity is a success, then expect to see Jesus arriving back from the clouds in the summer of 2025. - - Acts 11:26… The disciples (Jews’ twelve Apostles) were called Christians first at Antioch (The capital city of the Seleucid Empire). - - 1 Peter 4:16 However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name. - - Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he (few Canadians) that keepth the law (of God the Father), happy is he. - - Ezekiel 12:23 (NIV) The days (our modern era) are near when every visions will be fulfilled (with the coming of our modern Prophet ‘the Comforter’)

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ETs adopted Christian Democracy on their Planets, because it does Works Well

Mark 13:26 (NIV) At that time people will see the Son of Man (Jesus) coming in clouds with great power and glory. - - Luke 17:26 Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man (the Comforter). People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. - - 1 Thessalonians 5:2 (NLT) For you know quite well that the day of the Lord's return (the Trinity ‘Three in One’) will come unexpectedly, like a thief in the night (by spreading the Gospel of Jesus on the internet).

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Those who did not Believe in the Moon Landing, will still not Believe about the End

Vision Number 02: With this second vision, hardly anyone among the eight billion people on Earth will refuse to pay attention to the projects on our Websites. Then when the winter of 2026 comes, all hell could break loose on Earth. Only God the Father knows for sure which Vision will take place. Will it be Vision #01 or Vision #02? There will be no escape and no place to hide if Vision #02 happens. Do you remember in the beginning of 2020, how fast Covid-19 started? Well in the winter of 2026 things could get out of hand in the same way. It could be a hundred times worse than the Holocaust of the early 1940s.

Only God knows for sure what will happen with these two visions. We are only prophets (Divine Programmers for God) trying to make this planet a better world for everyone on it! - - Mark 13:18 Pray that this will not take place in winter (of 2026)

If Vision #01 and Vision #02 do not come True then we will Need to Wait.

Then life will go on like it was before, we will keep on guessing if there is a God or not. Maybe in another 2000 years, God will send another messenger like the Comforter trying to save the world again. If our Websites do not change the world now, then hope for salvation will not be in sight for a long time to come. This new messenger will come back in the year 4000. By then the mankind might not exist , no doubts about it with all the problems we are experiencing today!

Then there will be no need to worry about heaven or hell or our Websites anymore. Atheists would have won the race by believing that there is no God! Then Christians and non-Christians will become equal and will all be in the same sinking boat together. Members of Churches, Synagogues, and TV Ministries will go on singing and clapping hands- even though it is well appreciated by God, it will not make any difference. To secure your salvation, you must force yourself to acquire wisdom and knowledge in your practices, and then you will find the true Divine Path to Life. Without faith in the Elects, there will be no hope for those who are waiting to receive some responses from God at the end, and there will be no salvation and no second coming of Jesus.

Pause 18: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

2 Thessalonians 1:7 and give relief to you who are troubled, and to us as well. This will happen when the Lord Jesus is revealed (our seven websites connecting with the seven years a part) from heaven in blazing fire with his powerful angels.

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The Mystery Behind the Divine Number Seven and the Eclipses Signs

Link between the Total Eclipse of Oregon 1917 and the next One in 2024

Throughout history, Eclipses of the Sun have always been a big deal in the Bible and with ‘the famous number Seven.’ Now, with the beginning of the 21st century, we have the opportunity to experience both signs coming together. Soon (within seven years), the eclipse of 2024 will merge with the eclipse of 2017. This will ‘highlight the perfect Number Seven’ in preparation of reinforcing the second return of Jesus the Christ on Earth for 2025!

Pause 19: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Ezekiel 24:27 (NIV) At that time your mouth will be opened; you (the Holy Spirit) will speak with him (Jesus) and will no longer be silent. So you will be a sign (Elects including the Comforter) to them (the whole world) and they will know that I am the Lord (God the Father). - - Ezekiel 12:112 (NLT) Again a message came to me (Ezekiel) from the Lord: Ver.2 Son of man (the Comforter), you live among rebels who have eyes but refuse to see. They have ears but refuse to hear. For they are a rebellious people (which is our modern generation).

The merging of the Eclipses of August 2017 and April 2024, ‘is the End of Times’

1 Corinthians 1:18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing (who can be ignorant about the way of the cross), but to us (Righteous Christians) who are being saved it is the power of God.

Start 20: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Sign of the Cross, God the Father Announcing the End to North America

Important Notice: the eclipses of the sun will form the sign of a yellow Cross on North America, within Seven Years. This is one of the Father’s most powerful Miracles of all time. The Cross will be laid down on the Nations that God has chosen! This is a Divine Sign that North America should join force with the Nation of Israel, in order to defeat the masterminds (Lucifer and his demons) of this world. North America and Israel must join together as a team to achieve Victory!

Warning about the End came upon Us over a Century ago with Fatima Family

The Fatima’s 1917 Miracle of the Sun - ‘Predictions for our Future’

The Fatima’s Miracle of the Sun relates from 1917 to our present timeline 2017 and 2024 eclipses. Unknown to most people, the universe is in the midst of a subtle-battle of epic proportions. Most of this battle is being fought in the spiritual dimension between forces of good and evil. The physical plane, i.e., earth is also being affected by the events in the spiritual dimension. The consequences of the subtle-battle are mainly in the form of seeds sown for further rapid and progressive deterioration of the world at various levels. This works in two ways: #01_ It decreases the overall purity in the world. #02_ It strengthens the hold of the forces of evil on mankind. - - God Works in Mysterious Ways!

Prophesy of the Solar Eclipses and the Number Seven from Verses below:

Joel 2:31 The sun will be turned to darkness (Eclipses) and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. - - Luke 21:25 There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. - - Luke 23:44 [The Death of Jesus] It was now about noon, and darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon. - - Job 5:14 Darkness comes upon them in the daytime; at noon they grope as in the night. - - Acts 2:20 The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord (summer 2025). - - Isaiah 7:11 “Ask the Lord your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights.”

Christian Democracy’s Nations must be Awakened before it is too Late

The 2017 eclipse was to announce the coming of the Antichrist in 2018. He would have taken the world by surprise, with his powerful demonic forces. The 2024 eclipse will announce the defeat of Satan in Israel, and the second coming of Jesus the Christ in the summer of 2025. But we (True Light of Life) have already defeated the Antichrist in advance, by opening our Website on June/ 06/ 2006 (with God’s timing it would be: 06/ 06/ 6006 or 666, which eliminates the time that the mark of the Antichrist would become a reality for the year 2018 or 666).

Now about the Antichrist and Putin: - - Revelation 13:12 whose fatal wound (from June/ 06/ 2006) had been healed. - - The Antichrist will come back to life, with the full support of the second beast (Putin’s ‘Russia’ and possibly China), in the winter 2026, if Jesus does not show-up in the summer of 2025. - - Revelation 13:15 The second beast (Putin) was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast (the Antichrist), so that the image (AI, ChatGPT, Sydney/GPT-4, etc.) could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.

Pause 20: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

John 1:18 No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son (Jesus), who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father (our Galaxy), has made him known (the Comforter has been officially revealed to the world). - - Matthew 18:20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. - - Matthew 5:14 You are the light of the world (the Elects are pioneer of God for the twenty first century). A town (our Websites) built on a hill (the internet) cannot be hidden. - - Matthew 5:16 (NKJV) Let your light (True Light of Life ‘Entrepreneur’) so shine before men, that they may see your good works (over five decades in business for Jesus) and glorify your Father in heaven.

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The two Eclipses of the Sun were a Guiding force for the Angels of Heaven

These two North American eclipses, act as a sign to the Angels of Heaven for when Jesus would return for the second time. The Angels were able to prepare themselves for this second coming of Jesus thousands of years ahead of time, so the sign of the eclipses was a driving force for them to make time travel possible (from the past to the future and vice versa). The Angels use the Sign of the eclipses to guide them to the official beginning of our Millennium, taking place in the summer of 2025, with the return of Jesus.

This Miracle Sign about the eclipses was setup by God in space, billions of years ago, since the foundation of our planet. When Adam and Eve were born, the Angels knew ahead of time that there were another 6000 years left to go before harvest time for the summer 2025, as mentioned in the Book of Revelation (Rev. 14:15 (NIV)… for the harvest of the Earth is ripe.)!

Pause 21: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

No one knows the Day or Hour, not even the Angels of Heaven (the ETs)

Mark 13:32 But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father (the only Perfect One). - - Amos 8:9 “In that day (our Millennium),” declares the Sovereign Lord, “I will make the sun go down at noon (sign of the Eclipses) and darken the earth in broad daylight.

Genesis 9:17 (NIV) So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.” - - 2 Thessalonians 2:3 Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man (the Antichrist) of lawlessness is revealed (by the comforter), the man (from Russia) doomed to destruction. - - Revelation 13:18 (NLT) Wisdom is needed here. Let the one (the Comforter) with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man his number is 666 (the Antichrist for the year 6+ 6+ 6 = 2018).

The Prophets in the Bible has Promised ‘Signs of the Times’ a long Time ago

Biblical Prophecy: 'Signs you can't ignore'

Matthew 16:3 and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. - - Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son (Jesus), and will call him Emmanuel. - - John 9:16 Some of the Pharisees said, “This man (Jesus) is not from God, for he does not keep the Sabbath.” But others asked, “How can a sinner perform such signs?” So they (Jews) were divided.

1 Peter 2:24 He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. - - Mark 13:28 Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Ver.29 Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it (Salvation) is near, right at the door (the year 2018 to 2025). Ver.30 Truly I tell you, this generation (our generation) will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.

The Bible is the most sold and read Book in history, and most Misunderstood

How could anyone profess that the Prophets included in the Bible are perfect, when the Angels of Heaven who has the Full Qualification can make mistakes. - - Job 4:18 (NLV) He (God the Father) puts no trust even in His servants (God does have the full confidence in Christians). He finds mistakes among His angels (no one is perfect ETs, Jesus, the Comforter, etc.). - - Matthew 5:48 Be perfect (it will take millions of years before anyone becomes perfect), therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect (our Galaxy).

Start 22: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Revelation 20:12… Another Book was Opened, which is the Book of Life

Finally God the Father has been revealed. It is time to leave the past behind and focus your attention on the Living God by being in communion directly with the Father. - - Matthew 6:6 (NIV) But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. - - Colossians 1:3 We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you,

Pause 22: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Everything in the universe was created by the Mind of God. God’s command is the reason why you are here today, not from Satan. - - John 6:45 (NIV) It is written in the Prophets: They will all be taught by God. Everyone who has heard the Father (from cosmic Consciousness Energy) and learned from him comes to me (Jesus). - - Hebrews 11:3 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible (Electromagnetism or ‘the Holy Spirit’).

Start 23: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

When Jesus Preached, he did not Carry the Old Scroll to Guide Him

When Jesus walked around he did not have a scroll of the Old Testament under his harm. Jesus would address crowds of people by communicating directly with the Father through faith alone. If Jesus would have interpreted the Old Testament to get answers every time he was preaching to a crowd, then he would not have been the unique Christ that he was. He would have been imitating what the prophets of the Old Testament have been prophesying from 4000 years BC (Before Christ). So Jesus would be exactly like the Catholics and Preachers that we have on TV today, imitating what Jesus said and did 2000 years AD (after Christ).

Pause 23: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Galatians 5:1 It is for liberty that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery Ver.16 So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh (falling into slavery again). - - Luke 4:24 “Truly I tell you,” he continued, “no prophet is accepted in his hometown (among his family). - - Psalm 119:43 Never take your word of truth from my mouth (mankind), for I have put my hope in your laws (in the future the Elites will follow the law of God to serve humanity).

2 Samuel 22:31 (NIV) As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all (everyone are welcome to follow the Comforter) who take refuge in him (Jesus). - - Mark 13:6 Many will come in my (Jesus) name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and will deceive many. Ver.7 When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Ver.11… do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit (within you).

Start 24: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

It was the Old Traditional Ways of the Jews’ who led Jesus to his Death

Jesus was killed because he brought changes to the Bible, by contradicting the Old Testament and insulting Jewish families’ traditional custom ways by healing the sick on Easter day. - - Acts 12:4 After arresting him (Jesus), they put him in prison, handing him over to be guarded by four squads of four soldiers each. Herod intended to bring him out for public trial after the Passover. - - Matthew 7:2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged… - - Luke 16:13 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money (mad men’s world).”

Pause 24: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Romans 7:6 (NLT) But now we have been released from the law (Old Testament) , for we died (with Jesus and was Resurrected with him) to it and are no longer captive to its (Old Testament)  power. Now we can serve God, not in the old way of obeying the letter (Book) of the law, but in the new way of living in the Spirit (of Christ). - - 1 Corinthians 3:6 He has enabled us to be ministers of his new covenant. This is a covenant not of written laws, but of the Spirit. The old written covenant ends in death; but under the new covenant (the Book of Revelation), the Spirit (the Comforter 'Third Person of the Trinity') gives life.

Start 25: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

The Bible has been a Good Choice for Guidance throughout History, but not anymore

Relying completely on the Bible for your Salvation is not totally the Answer. You also need to develop faith by working to achieve your Salvation. The Bible is good for certain things, but remember, it is just a book and books do not change. The New Testament was just the start for Christianity. Relying on the history of the bible to make choices is not what Jesus had in mind for you, but rather were especially the Elects including the Comforter sent by God the Father. - - Revelation 2:5 Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent (change), I (Jesus) will come to you and remove your lampstand (lose your title position as true Christianity) from its place.

Pause 25: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Romans 2:28 For you are not a true Jew just because you were born of Jewish parents or because you have gone through the ceremony of circumcision. Ver.29 No, a true Jew is one whose heart is right with God (the Father). And true circumcision is not merely obeying the letter of the law; rather, it is a change of heart produced by the Spirit. And a person with a changed heart seeks praise (expression of approval) from God, not from people. - - 1 Samuel 10:6 At that time (the summer 2025) the Spirit of the Lord will come powerfully upon you (Israel), and you will prophesy with them (Gentiles from North America). You (Jews) will be changed into a different person.

Start 26: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

For Younger Generations, The Bible is sometimes Viewed to be as Old as the Dinosaurs

We live in a confused and fast-paced world with no time for anything else but work. Less and less people show interest in reading the Bible. Younger generations see the Bible as if they were looking at a dinosaur from millions of years ago. To stimulate this generation’s desire to become familiar with the Bible, we (Baby boomers) must show the examples of what the Bible truly stand for, and that is Everlasting Life. Understanding the true face of God will change the mind of humanity for the better. Everyone is stuck in the past, and somehow we need to set-up the pathway for a bright comfortable future, because younger generations will be in distress.

Pause 26: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

1 Corinthians 15:54… Death has been Swallowed Up in Victory!

Romans 3:23 … we all fall short of God's glorious standard (God’s obedience). - - Daniel 12:3... those who lead many to righteousness, will shine like the stars for ever and ever. - - Deuteronomy 1:10 The Lord your God has increased your numbers so that today (the Millennium) you are as numerous as the stars in the sky (over 100 Billion on earth). - - Mark 16:17 These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe (by achieving immortality). - - Acts 2:17 In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit (transmit the messages) upon all people your sons and daughters will prophesy... (through: Facebook, Google, TV News, etc.).

The Baby Boomer Generation will be the First who will overcome Death!

The Timeline of the Baby Boomer Generation turns 65 in 2010

Baby boomers are a designated group of people who were born between1 Corinthians 15:54… Death has been Swallowed Up in Victory! 1946 and 1964. They are labelled as baby boomers because during this period of time there was a statistically significant increase in the number of births that occurred. In 1946, the first year of the boom, there were 3.4 million babies born in the US, a record number during a one year period. These numbers steadily increased to roughly four million babies born each year between 1953 and 1964. By the end of 1964, when the trend started to decline, 76.4 million people were born during that 22 - year period, which comprised about one-quarter of the U.S. population.

Baby Boomers Important Characteristics

Strong work ethic: Boomers are not afraid to put in a hard day’s work. Self-Assured: This generation is independent and self-assured. Competitive: Baby boomers like competition. One of their biggest motivators is racing to the top of the corporate ladder. Goal centric: This post-war generation is all about goal achievement. Resourceful: Baby boomers were raised in an era where resourcefulness was a necessary trait.

Mentally focused: Unlike more recent generations, baby boomers know how to keep their minds focused on a particular subject or topic. Team oriented: One of the baby boomers strongest characteristics were their strong sense of community. They thrive in team environments. Disciplined: Baby boomers like structure. Many grew up in highly disciplined structured households which shaped who they are today. Defining Characteristics of Early Baby Boomers

In the 60s the baby boomers were quickly labelled as nonconformists due to their unconventional causes. Nonconformists were known for going against social norms, and some of their actions included a liberal expression of their sexuality, experimentation with drugs, the renewed interest in women’s rights, recognition of environmental concerns and a preference for rock and roll music. All of these, among others, shaped and defined the baby boomers generational identity.

Start 27: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

The End of the World will bring the Fulfillment of the Art of Quantum Physics

We (baby boomers in general) have come a long way since the fifties and sixties, researching through science, psychology, the Bible, etc. The Art of Quantum Physics is no joke, as it explains the End of the World. We take our jobs seriously now that we are mostly all seniors. As we dig for more truth, our minds keep on stretching for good ideas and visions about Eternal Life. By exercising our brains we get to have more freedom, helping us to see the world in other dimensions. Yes, in case you are wondering about our advanced intellects, the only thing we are under the influence of is the Holy Spirit pouring down from above.

Everything that we do is completely natural. Humanity was created to grow naturally like trees in a forest. Example: just as an athlete pushes his body, we push our minds naturally to achieve the infinite Knowledge and wisdom of God the Father! Just remember this, we are made of thoughts (Spirit), we borrow energy and matter (our physical bodies) to support our Souls (Spiritual Realms or rather our Minds). The world of Quantum Physics does not come to us easy, but that is what makes life interesting- challenge. Like the roots of a tree that keep on expanding, we will continue to strive, planning and working towards for solution to survival, it is for this reason we were created (in the image of god), to do the Will of God the Father.

Everyone human brains works 24 hours a day, bombarded with all sort of ideas, non-stop 'coming from all directions.' On the other hand, our Christian' Subconscious Mind team worked 24 hours a day only in one direction, in order to remain firm on the pathway of our Salvation in Christ. - - Isaiah 62:6 (NLT)... they will pray day and night, continually... - - Mark 13:13 And everyone will hate you (true Christians) because you are my (Jesus) followers. But the one who endures to the end will be saved (Forever).

Pause 27: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

The Department of the Spiritual World on Earth is ‘True Light of Light’

Romans 4:17 That is what the Scriptures mean when God told him, “I have made you the father of many nations.” This happened because Abraham believed in the God who brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing (Electromagnetic Fields). - - Acts 2:31 (NLT) David was looking into the future (our generation for the summer 2025) and speaking of the Messiah’s resurrection. He was saying that God would not leave him (Jesus) among the dead or allow his body to rot in the grave. - - Mark 8:31 (Jesus Predicts His Death)… He would be killed, but three days later he would rise from the dead (Jesus is alive all he needs is an invitation).

Rev. 7:17… he (the Comforter) will lead them to springs of living water

John 6:35… Whoever comes to me (Jesus) will never go hungry (recycled energy), and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. - - John 7:38… Rivers of living water (Knowledge and Wisdom)  will flow from within them (the Elects). - - John 4:14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I (Jesus) give them will become in them a spring of water (Electromagnetism) welling up to eternal life. - - Matthew 3:11 (NIV) I (John) baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He (the Comforter) will baptize you with the Holy Spirit (Electromagnetism) and fire (cosmic Consciousness Energy).

Start 28: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

The Comforter is like the Prophet Elijah for Jesus’ Second Coming

John the Baptiste paved the way for the first coming of Jesus. Now it is the Comforter’s turn to pave the way for the Second Coming of Jesus. The ancient mysterious events are coming soon, so get ready. - - Luke 1:17 (NLT) He will be a man (the Comforter) with the spirit and power of Elijah. He will prepare the people for the (second) coming of the Lord (Jesus the Christ). He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children (together with one faith in Christ Jesus), and he will cause those who are rebellious (Atheists, non-Christians Jews, etc.) to accept the wisdom of the Godly (the Elects from the Book of Revelation).

Pause 28: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Hebrews 8:10 This is the covenant I will establish with the people of Israel (Jews) after that time, declares the Lord. I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people. - - Proverbs 14:6 (NLT) A mocker seeks wisdom and never finds it, but knowledge comes easily to those with understanding. Ver.7 Stay away from fools, for you will not find knowledge on their lips. - - Luke 11:10 (NIV) For everyone (Christians Jews and Gentiles) who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.

Isaiah 30:18 So the Lord (God the Father) must wait for you (North America) to come to him so he can show you (Jews) his love and compassion. For the Lord (our Galaxy) is a faithful God. Blessed are those (North America) who wait for his (Holy Spirit) help. - - Revelation 7:17 For the Lamb (Jesus Christ) at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God (the Father) will wipe away every tear from their eyes. - - John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace (Heavenly Peace). In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I (Jesus) have overcome the world (Satan has already been defeated with the blood of Jesus on the cross).”

John 14:27 Peace I (Jesus) leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. - - John 10:29 My Father, who has given them (the Elects) to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand. - - Matthew (NLV) 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in My name (Jesus), there I am with them (the Elects). - - 1 Corinthians 2:16 for, “Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ. - - Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Start 29: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Our Galaxy (Living Energy) is Winning the Battle on Earth (Matter ‘frozen dead Energy’)

We will finish this page with a nice footnote: Without Jesus no one would know about Christ. The same goes for the Comforter no one would know about the Holy Spirit that lives inside us. Therefore, without Jesus and the Comforter, Christ and the Holy Spirit would not exist on Earth. The Comforter has passed from ‘matter ‘frozen energy’ to Energy (the light of Christ), just like Jesus is the light of the world for all. Everyone on Earth can also achieve this mysterious accomplishment

Pause 29: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

1 Corinthians 15:54 When the perishable (Humanity) has been clothed with the imperishable (Earthly Angels), and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: Death (earth or dead star) has been swallowed up in victory (the living stars ‘our Galaxy’ has won the battle). - - 2 Peter 3:13 But we are looking forward to the new heavens and new earth he has promised, a world filled with God’s righteousness. - - Here is a nice tip: Humans burn Energy, but Heavenly Angels recycles the Energy!

Start 30: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Here are some Tips for those who still Doubt the Work of our Websites

If any Pastor, Priest or any other authorities tells you that this Website is from the devil, ask them one simple question: Are you really sure that this Website is from Satan? In the same way Jews believed that Jesus was not the Messiah. If that person is truly a follower of Jesus, then without any hesitation he or she should get the fear of God within themselves. Because it is written - - Mark 3:29 (NLV) But if anyone speaks bad things against the Holy Spirit, he will never be forgiven. He is guilty of a sin that lasts forever (in hell). - - Matthew 12:31 (NLT) So I tell you, every sin and blasphemy can be forgiven except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which will never be forgiven (now we know for sure who is heading for the hell).

The only way this Planet will truly Heal and find
Peace will be through the series of our Websites

Pause 30: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Romans 8:31 (NIV)… If God is for us, who can be against us?

Matthew 12:36 But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken. - - Ephesians 5:6 Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. - - Mark 10:24… how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! Ver.25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God (North Americans are rich, compared to the starving third world).

Start 31: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Do not rely completely on our Websites to Find the Perfect Answers

If the Holy Spirit has no room to live within your physical body, then he cannot help you at all, then you are heading for hell. It is important to know what God the Father has in mind for you, by telling you in person how special you are and what kind of plans he has set-up for you personally for the future.

Our Websites provide many truthful answers, but to find the Perfect answers we suggest you learn how to read the Mind of God’s cosmic Consciousness, or rather our Heavenly Father. It is good to learn the basic knowledge and wisdom about Heaven that our Websites provide, but it is more liberating and rewarding if you find ways yourself from your own personal meditations. ‘Praying, Fasting, or Yoga techniques, etc.’, can help to give you the Perfect Answers from a Divine God.

This is one of the reasons we suggest that you practice our techniques of meditations provided in our Websites. We are your guides; we are not the complete mind of God. So be wise with your journey in the interest of connecting with cosmic Consciousness (the Supreme God). The only perfect One that is needed to be in communion (connecting directly) with God the Father (our Galaxy), who created us all from stardust at the beginning (Big-Bang ‘13.7 Billion years ago’).

Pause 31: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Rev. 2:7 (NLT) I (Jesus) will give fruit from the tree of life in God’s Paradise

Hebrews 5:12 (NLT) You (Christians) have been believers so long now that you ought to be teaching others (having no knowledge about immortality). Instead, you need someone (the Comforter) to teach you again the basic things about God’s word (the Holy Spirit). You are like babies who need milk and cannot eat solid food (the Book of Revelation ‘the Elects who eat solid food’). - - Psalm 10:4 The sinful man in his pride does not look for God. All his thoughts are that there is no God (it gives Satan the opportunity to hide himself among the citizens of the world).

Start 32: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Our Websites will include info about Ghosts that are trapped between
the worlds of the living and the dead, and cannot escape on their own!

Every faithful Christian will qualify in Heaven (your Subconscious Mind) to represent the name of Jesus who is above all other names on Earth, only by believing. They will ‘Break on Through to the Other Side (1967 - by The Doors),’ without going through any physically death. Most Christians will go to Heaven, but for non-believers will be death (Judgments) and the Elects will rise to a Spiritual level called Paradise. They will receive the Gift to Reverse the Aging Process (avoiding death) from Jesus and the Comforter. - - John 5:22 (NKJV) For the Father judges no one, but has committed all judgment to the Son (the Comforter).

Pause 32: ‘True Light of Life’ / _Galaxy_ Sentences

Mark 14:13… a man (the Comforter) carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him. Ver.15 He will take you to a large room (your Subconscious Mind) on the second floor with everything in it (full of knowledge and wisdom). Make it ready for us (God’s chosen People).” - - John 5:24 (NIV) “Very truly I (Jesus) tell you, whoever hears my word (the Holy Spirit) and believes him (the Father) who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged (by the Elects nor the Comforter) but has crossed over from death (hell) to life (Paradise).

2023 Doomsday Clock Statement

Editor, John Mecklin: https://thebulletin.org/doomsday-clock/current-time/

January 24, 2023 A time of Unprecedented Danger: It is 90 Seconds to Midnight. Science and Security Board, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, bulletin of atomic scientists 2020 doomsday clock 100 seconds to midnight, The Bulletin Science and Security Board

Founded in 1945 by Albert Einstein and University of Chicago scientists who helped develop the first atomic weapons in the Manhattan Project, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists created the Doomsday Clock two years later, using the imagery of apocalypse (midnight) and the contemporary idiom of nuclear explosion (countdown to zero) to convey threats to humanity and the planet. The Doomsday Clock is set every year by the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board in consultation with its Board of Sponsors, which includes 10 Nobel laureates. The Clock has become a universally recognized indicator of the world’s vulnerability to global catastrophe caused by man-made technologies.

This year, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moves the hands of the Doomsday Clock forward, largely (though not exclusively) because of the mounting dangers of the war in Ukraine. The Clock now stands at 90 seconds to midnight—the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been.

The war in Ukraine may enter a second horrifying year, with both sides convinced they can win. Ukraine’s sovereignty and broader European security arrangements that have largely held since the end of World War II are at stake. Also, Russia’s war on Ukraine has raised profound questions about how states interact, eroding norms of international conduct that underpin successful responses to a variety of global risks.

And worst of all, Russia’s thinly veiled threats to use nuclear weapons remind the world that escalation of the conflict—by accident, intention, or miscalculation—is a terrible risk. The possibility that the conflict could spin out of anyone’s control remains high.

Mark 13:18 (NLV) Pray that it will not be during the winter (2026’s Doomsday Clock). Ver.21 In those days there will be very much trouble and pain and sorrow. It has never been this bad from the beginning of the world and never will be again.

John 1:4 In him (Jesus) was life, that life was the light (ex. True Light of Life)…
Great Examples of the Substance of your Salvation through Faith and Work

Hebrews 11:1 (NLT) Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see. - - James 2:20 How foolish! Can’t you see that faith without good deeds (works) is useless? - - James 2:26 Just as the body is dead without breath, so also faith is dead without good works. - - Romans 10:10 For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith (to others) that you are saved. - - 1 Peter 1:17 (NIV) Since you call on a Father (our Galaxy) who judges each person’s work impartially (not favouring one person more than another)…

Hebrews 11:7… By his faith Noah condemned the rest of the world, and he received the righteousness that comes by faith (which is salvation). - - Hebrews 11:6 And it is impossible to please God without faith (without faith in God, you are heading for hell). Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him (God the Father). - - 1 Peter 1:18 For you know that God paid a ransom (Jesus was crucified on the cross) to save you from the empty life you inherited from your ancestors (Adam and Eve). And it was not paid with mere gold or silver (from materialistic possessions), which lose their value (especially when you are planning to live for Eternity).

Earth Produce Consciousness (people) while our Galaxy is Pure Consciousness

Humanity is less conscious (slower to process information) than our Galaxy (Info that comes from the future). If your friend among 8 billion people on earth is speaking to you, then this is our planet’s consciousness talking to you. On the other hand: if Jesus and the Elects or the Angels of Heaven are speaking to you, then this is the Holy Spirit from our Conscious Galaxy speaking through you.

Judgment Day is Finally here: the Forces of Electromagnetism versus Gravity
It is not God who Created hell but the Earthly Forces of Nature & the Universe